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Gay Dating Apps

5 Dating Rules for Gay Guys


Many gay men turn to the internet to meet potential partners. There are several best hook up apps to suit every taste. Members in these dating communities might come from different homosexual scenes but there are some unwritten rules on gay dating you need to know.


Leave the past behind


Every gay guy has stories about fear, family, broken hearts and, of course, "coming out". We all have a past but that shouldn't define us. It's important to use your past for knowledge and wisdom--not something that totally defines who you're and what you're capable of.


Starting now, let go of your past and start your life on a clean slate. This is critical for happiness not only in your relationships but also your life.


Be a gentleman


Nothing is sexier than when a man is well-behaved. You can be extremely gorgeous or have all the dough in the world--but if you're a jerk, that's all we see. So try saying thank you or please, or holding a door open.


Many of us have long forgotten being gentlemen, but if you can try it in your life, it'll become one of your most attractive qualities.


Be chivalrous


Yes, chivalry is dead. But this is your opportunity to turn back the hands of time.

Be the man who dresses up to a date and not in a Tee. Be the man who surprises his date with their favorite eatery or opens doors, literally. All these small gestures matter, and are the key to having a strong, healthy relationship.


Take things slowly


Gay guys, like straight guys, usually talk about sex. It's in the DNA of guys to be aggressive, sexual and alpha. However, when it comes to choosing to have sex on your first date, it's best to take things slowly lest you become another statistic.


Sexual attraction is naturally overwhelming, of course. However, it's best to hold off on sex if you want a relationship. You can make out or even try some dry humping. It's kind of a turn on to let the tension build anyway.


Be assertive


Lastly, be assertive. Nothing turns off guys than a guy that can't follow up on time. If you like him, tell him. Organize for how to see them next time.


In a world where technology helps us to communicate in many different ways, there's just no excuse for not telling your date that you had a wonderful time and would like to meet them again. Check out hook up apps that you can download to your phone at this website.